Is Traffic Geyser REALLY Worth Your Time In 2022? Read Our Full Review

Is Traffic Geyser REALLY Worth Your Time In 2022? Read Our Full Review

If you’ve been on the fence about Traffic Geyser, this review will solve this problem for you.

We’re going to address it all, covering what it is all about so you won’t have to wonder about what it truly offers.

You’ll learn about:

  • What Traffic Geyser does
  • What the features and services are
  • Traffic Geyser pricing
  • Pros and cons 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • If it’s really worth it

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  • Ease of Use – 95

  • Stability – 95

  • Customer Service – 90

  • Price – 85


Overall, Traffic Geyser is a great solution for sending automated high-converting traffic to your website. It has all the features you’re looking for in an AI-driven software system that can eliminate the manual task of traffic generation. Get started with Traffic Geyser.


  • Powerful AI-driven software
  • Uses a modern traffic gen strategy (expired domains)
  • Simple pricing


  • Expensive
  • No free trial

What is Traffic Geyser?

Traffic Geyser, created by Mike Koenigs, is AI-driven marketing technology on autopilot. You get to drive traffic to your web pages without SEO, paid clicks, or backlinking!

For small businesses, it’s an easy way to drive traffic using internet marketing without SEO or social media. The software does all the work to get your content ranked on Google.

Traffic Geyser says it turns expired domains into traffic.

What does that mean?

Well, what if you could build websites onto expired domains? And, what if you could create thousands of pages automatically without having to do the manual work yourself?

Well, this is what this software can do!

Traffic Geyser uses a modern approach to traffic building that results in generating targeted traffic. 

You’ll get lifetime access to this software tool with one fee that can build and host an unlimited number of websites for you. It’s a smart use of resources to drive traffic to your websites. Here’s more on how it works…


Traffic Geyser is a traffic generator for your online marketing needs. After you buy the software, there are no other recurring costs for traffic generation. You’ll start getting organic traffic and clicks to your website with a push of a button. 

This works well with virtually any industry. If there’s Google traffic around a niche, then this will work. 

When it was first released over a decade ago, it used video marketing for traffic generation. This proved to be very effective and customer reviews around the internet point to how well this worked at the time.

Since then, it has evolved as a content traffic generation tool using the power behind expired domains.

What are expired domains and how do they drive traffic?

Expired domains are just what they sound like: domain names that have expired. They were once active, but the registration time passed and the webmaster did not renew the domain.

They are sought after by marketers because they are seasoned or aged. These aged domains are more Google-friendly than new domains.

They can also be attached to backlinks, which is another Google-friendly feature for SEO (search engine optimization). 

So, if you were to create a traffic-building strategy using domains, expired domains would be what you’d want to use. You can also read our case study on tomb raiding SEO with Niche Website Builders.

Aged domains with backlinks can more quickly rank for keywords. The speed behind keyword ranking makes for fast traffic generation, which is the fuel behind what makes Traffic Geyser work.

Who is Traffic Geyser best for?

It is best for people that are looking for traffic generation for their websites. These can be small businesses, local business owners and entrepreneurs, and internet marketing professionals.

You can use the software for sites like:

  • Content websites
  • Affiliate sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Directories

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and internet marketing pros can use this tool themselves to start driving and converting traffic for their business. It’s tech-friendly and if you know how to do simple maintenance on your website, like changing the nameservers, then you can operate Traffic Geyser.

Internet marketing pros can use it as a software tool to drive targeted traffic to their clients’ websites. They don’t have to spend hours manually generating traffic using this expired domains strategy. They can use this tool, which automates traffic for them.

All the processes required to push organic traffic to a destination online are tedious and time-consuming. You can outsource these manual traffic generation processes to this tool which will automate it all for you, using their AI software.

Key features

Traffic Geyser gives you real, targeted traffic that converts. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • No PBNs
  • No linking or paying for ads
  • Full control
  • Affordable solution
  • One-time fee

You may have heard of Traffic Geyser before.

The software originally came out in 2008. Back then it used syndicated videos for traffic generation, but since then, it’s taken a different approach, using expired domains to push traffic to your website.


You don’t need to be tech-savvy or an internet marketer yourself to use Traffic Geyser.

However, you should have the skill to do keyword research. This just means that you know what keywords you want to rank for, because this will be needed when you’re running the software so it can rank for your desired keywords.

Traffic case study

On a web traffic case study they did, they show some evidence proving that this software drives traffic that converts. Take a look:

The case study reveals that traffic coming from Traffic Geyser is converting well above the average conversion rate of 2.35% across all industries.

Then, you can see in this screenshot that links are a top traffic source for this case study. You can read more about the case study here.

Traffic Geyser Pricing

You’ll get one simple flat-fee pricing plan. The lifetime pricing is $624 which gets you access forever.

You’ll be able to:

  • Build and host an unlimited number of websites
  • Get access to premium features
  • Full access for one fee (no monthly subscription for billing)
  • Have sites live indefinitely

So, after you buy, you get access indefinitely to unlimited website projects. 

Traffic Geyser Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Traffic Geyser.


  • Powerful AI-driven software
  • Uses a modern traffic generation strategy (expired domains)
  • Simple pricing


  • Expensive
  • No free trial

It is powerful software that automates traffic generation using built-in tools like artificial intelligence to drive the software.

You’ll like that they take a modern approach to traffic generation. It uses expired domains to funnel traffic to your website so you can get leads and conversions, as a result. This is proven, high-converting traffic so it delivers.

And, the pricing plan is simple: there’s one billing plan with a one-time payment for lifetime access.

The drawbacks have to do with pricing.

First, while a one-time fee is attractive and simple, the $624 price tag for Traffic Geyser is expensive.

The good thing is, you’ll only have to pay once without having to worry about recurring costs. To get your money’s worth, you’ll want to use Traffic Geyser on multiple sites, over the long run, or both.

Then, there’s no free trial which is something you’d like to see with a mid-three-figure investment in software.

You don’t know how to use the software, if you’ll like it, or if it’s exactly what you thought you were buying. These are all things you uncover during a free trial period. It doesn’t have that, which is disappointing.

Overall, it’s a pricey investment but if you have a website or work with clients for website traffic building, it could be a big time-saver and very worthwhile for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you might have about using Traffic Geyser.

1. Will Traffic Geyser work for Mac and PC?

Yes, it works for both Mac and PC.

2. Do I need a technical background to use the software?

No, a technical background is not needed to use Traffic Geyser. If you know how to operate your website then you can use this software.

3. What niches work best with Traffic Geyser?

Niches that have Google search traffic are the best fit.

Is Traffic Geyser Worth It?

Yes and no.

For business owners that are webmasters and run one or more websites, I think Traffic Geyser is a good solution for high-converting web traffic. It comes with a hefty price tag but if you get good use of the software across multiple sites or over a long period, then it’ll definitely make it worth it.

If you don’t work with your own or clients’ websites, then it won’t be a fit for you. This works for customers that need traffic generation to websites. If that’s you then this software can fit your needs.

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